Lee Seung Gi’s Fans Revealed To Have Donated Book Cafe To His Army Base

It has belatedly been revealed that Lee Seung Gi’s fans have made a generous donation to his base.

The Republic of Korea Army has been carrying out an extensive book cafe project, and Lee Seung Gi’s fans decided to make a large contribution to this cause. In January, they donated a book cafe to the 75th battalion of the 13th Special Forces Brigade, which Lee Seung Gi has been serving at since February 2016.

The fans took special care on the construction and interior design process to ensure that it would not become an inconvenience to the base and soldiers. It will especially remain as a special gift as the book cafe created under his name will continue even after he leaves.

On August 17, Lee Seung Gi’s agency commented, “We heard that it is still operating well. The fans put in an incredible amount of effort for Lee Seung Gi and the other soldiers. The base was also very happy about it.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi will be discharged from the military on October 31.

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