Lee Sang Soon And Lee Hyori Ask Fans For A Second Time To Respect Their Privacy

On August 17, Lee Sang Soon took to Facebook to ask fans for a second time to respect the privacy of not only him and Lee Hyori, but of their neighbors as well.

Lee Sang Soon stated, “Despite our earnest requests, many people continue to seek out our home. As we said last time, despite the fact that our home is a space for us to rest, many people find our home and look over our fences and take pictures. We cannot be at peace in our home and we can’t even play with our dogs in the yard anymore.”

He added, “We are also asking on behalf of our neighbors, who have experienced discomfort due to the endless number of cars and people that come in and out [of our neighborhood]. While you all may come with a happy heart, for us, it is a source of stress.”

He ended his post and said, “Once again, we earnestly request that you respect our privacy so that we can be at peace in our home.”

Meanwhile, in recent episodes of JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay,” Lee Hyori bonded with IU over their similarities and shared why every day with her husband is special.

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