Watch: Wanna One Grabs 2nd Win For “Energetic” On “M!Countdown,” Performances By NU’EST W, GFRIEND, NCT Dream, And More

Wanna One has taken home their second ever music show trophy!

On August 17’s episode of “M!Countdown,” the hit “Produce 101 Season 2” finalist group was up against GFRIEND for the win. Wanna One took first place with a total score of 10,666 to GFRIEND’s score of 4,952.

After they thanked everyone, Wanna One fulfilled their first place promise of presenting a “love letter” to their fans. Each member held up a placard with writing on it, which together read, “Since we’ve received a lot, there’s a lot we’re going to give too.”

Watch their performance of “Energetic” and win below! You can also watch an official full version of their encore.

Performances today included comebacks by NCT Dream, SONAMOO, and BP Rania, and special performances by NU’EST W of “Hello” and “If You.”

Other performances this week were by 14U, Apple.B, Boyfriend, CLC, GFRIEND, gugudan5959, JJ Project, KNK, LABOUM, N.Flying, ONF, P.O.P, Samuel, SNUPER, The Rose, and Weki Meki.

Check them out below!

14U – “VVV”

Apple.B – “Woochuchu”

Boyfriend – “Star”

BP Rania – “Beep Beep Beep”

CLC – “Summer Kiss”

GFRIEND – “Love Whisper”

gugudan5959 – “Ice Chu”

JJ Project – “Tomorrow, Today”

KNK – “Rain”

LABOUM – “Only U”

N.Flying – “The Real”

NCT Dream – “Trigger the Fever”

NCT Dream – “We Young”

NU’EST W – “Hello”

NU’EST W – “If You”


P.O.P – “Catch You”

The Rose – “Sorry”

Samuel Kim – “Sixteen”

SNUPER – “The Star of Stars”

SONAMOO – “Friday Night”

Weki Meki – “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend”

Congrats to Wanna One!

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