Organizer Of Ariana Grande Concert In Korea Apologizes Following Controversy

The organizer of Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman Tour” stop in Seoul on August 15 has responded to criticism following the show.

It has been reported that Ariana Grande entered the country only three hours before the scheduled concert time at Gocheok Sky Dome, and didn’t do a rehearsal before the show. There has been a lot of criticism coming from those who purchased the “VIP Ticket,” as one of the privileges included in this ticket was to attend the rehearsal for the show.

The organizer of the event, Hyundai Card, has issued an official apology through Facebook in order to address fans’ criticism and complaints.

On August 17, Hyundai Card said, “We would like to formally apologize to those who felt discomfort at the concert due to bad weather, the artist’s situation, and unforeseen circumstances that followed.”

They continued, “We take criticism from the audience very seriously, and we will take precise measures to make sure that the same situation does not occur again.”

Hyundai Card also commented in regards to the controversy specifically about the VIP tickets. They said, “The VIP Package was sold through the fan page within Ariana Grande’s official website, a world tour product organized by the artist’s side for fans. Hyundai Card did not participate in this particular product’s sales. However, we feel much regret that fans were not able to receive all of the benefits that the package included. We are currently working with the product’s sellers to ensure that full refunds will be possible, after issuing a notice to the fans who purchased the product.”

Meanwhile, Hyundai Card Vice President Jung Tae Young also took to Facebook in order address the issue.

He said, “The concert and the situation that followed is disappointing. The fact that Ariana Grande entered Korea right before the concert, left immediately after, and avoided the press can definitely be a source of disappointment for fans.”

He continued, “If in the case that she didn’t like the situation in Korea, I think maybe showing the courage she showed during the Manchester incident, or even just saying so honestly and canceling the concert would have been better.” He added, “We will take this as valuable experience, and will put in our best effort in order to bring the best concerts in the future.”

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