3 Heroes Of “School 2017” Who Inspired Change

The cruel “dog-eat-dog” world of “School 2017” is changing, one person of integrity at a time.

Although the show features many examples of how society puts young people down, it also shows students and teachers who are unafraid of taking a stand. Here are three heroes of “School 2017” who have effected real change, no matter how small, in their surroundings:

Ra Eun Ho

Ra Eun Ho (played by Kim Sejeong) has gone through a lot in her 18 years (Korean age). However, her relentlessly positive attitude carries her through many hardships, including being bullied by her peers. Her conflict with fellow student Kim Hee Chan (played by Kim Hee Chan) landed her in hot water with the rest of the school, but she wasn’t afraid to stand up for herself even though she was poor. When another student, Seo Bora (played by Han Bo Bae) refused to testify, Ra Eun Ho sincerely offered her the hand of friendship despite Bora’s initial bad attitude. Through her positivity and sincerity, Eun Ho is changing her school one person at a time.

Hyun Tae Woon

Hyun Tae Woon (played by Kim Jung Hyun) was the mysterious “X” that shook the school’s discipline to the core but became the students’ hero. Originally, “X” started as a way to shake off the boredom and frustration of school life, but evolved into a way to get revenge on behalf of his fellow students. For example, he turned on the sprinklers during an exam, flustering the teachers, and released a video of himself with the math competition exam paper, exposing the irrationality of the academic competition to the world. He is willing to sacrifice himself to help the friends he cherishes, making him a true hero in their eyes, and changing the school one bold act at a time.

Shim Kang Myung

Teachers play one of the greatest roles in a student’s life, but unfortunately many do not use that influence for good. Shim Kang Myung (played by Han Joo Wan), on the other hand, has gone from a wimpy homeroom teacher to one strong enough to protect his students. In order to get rid of an unfair system of reward and punishment, he ran laps on their behalf, and even tore up a report card that was posted everywhere on campus. When the principal suspected “X” was in his class, he stuck up for the rights of his students, protesting that everyone should be treated innocent until proven guilty. He even refused to give up on Seo Bora, who was slowly turning into a bully, giving her advice and protecting her against the discrimination of Jang So Ran (played by Jo Mi Ryung).

Ra Eun Ho, Hyun Tae Joon, and Shim Kang Myung have all chosen to walk their own paths no matter how unfair their surroundings. They have realized that the most important thing in life is not grades or money and are taking active steps to spread that understanding around the rest of the school. They make up a big part of the thematic core of “School 2017,” which aims to highlight the stories and sufferings of real-life students in South Korea.

Who do you think are the heroes of “School 2017?”

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