EXID’s Hani Explains How “Law Of The Jungle” Trips Impacted Her

EXID’s Hani recently sat down with magazine Beauty+ for an interview after concluding EXID’s Asia tour!

Hani first commented on her experiences from her trips through “Law of the Jungle.” She said, “I’ve been to the jungle twice now, and the two times I went were times of healing for me. I felt small in front of nature itself, and I realized that all of the worries I have now are very small in context.”

She continued, “I became more grateful for the current me. The jungle makes you think about these kind of things, so I think it’s great.”

Additionally, she shared her thoughts about music. She said, “I am practicing writing lyrics lately. A little while ago, I watched “Alice in Wonderland” and got some lyrical inspiration from that movie. I thought that expressing myself in this matter was so interesting and charming.”

Check out some photos from the shoot!

You can also check out her full photo shoot and interview in the September issue of Beauty+ magazine!

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