Park Ji Won From “Idol School” Talks About Why She Left JYP Entertainment

Park Ji Won opened up about how she felt after participating in JYP Entertainment’s survival audition program, “Sixteen.”

On the August 17 episode of Mnet’s “Idol School,” students received training based on their designated levels.

SM Entertainment’s past trainee Seo He Rin, YG Entertainment’s past trainee Lee Seo Yeon, and Park Ji Won became a team. During the episode, Park Ji Won had a deep and honest conversation with her teammates.

Park Ji Won confessed, “After the program [“Sixteen”] was over, I felt frustrated trying to train when my friends had debuted. I tried to debut under a different entertainment agency, but it was difficult.”

During an interview with the production crew, she added that she was afraid of auditioning again afterwards, because she feared she would get hurt again.

Meanwhile, Park Ji Won is currently placed seventh according to the most recent student rankings announced by “Idol School.”

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