Golden Child’s Daeyeol Shares Childhood Stories About His Brother INFINITE’s Sungyeol

Golden Child’s Daeyeol has opened up about childhood memories with his brother INFINITE’s Sungyeol.

On August 17, Daeyeol held an individual V Live broadcast titled “Relay V Live Golden Time” and communicated with his fans.

He created a graph of his life, saying, “I might talk a lot about my brother. Please understand.”

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He then explained, “There’s a photo of my brother and me kissing when I was five. Until I turned 10, my brother told me I was cute and kissed me here and there,” and added, “When we were little, we fought about who got to sit in the middle seat of the sofa. I have a photo of that too. I’ll ask my brother for permission and reveal it someday.”

Meanwhile, Golden Child is gearing up for their debut on August 28. Check out their teasers here!

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