Boyfriend Talks About Thoughts And Fears They Had During Their Long Hiatus Period

Just a few weeks ago, Boyfriend returned with title track “Star” from their fifth mini-album “NEVER END.” This comeback is the group’s first comeback in almost two and a half years, as they last promoted in Korea with their fourth mini-album in March of 2015.

Previously, the group talked about how this comeback felt more like another debut for them. In a more recent interview, Boyfriend shared the thoughts and fears they had during their long period away from Korea.

The group said, “Each member took time to rest and continued to receive lessons as we prepared for this album. Truthfully, the longer our hiatus went on for, the more worried we became. We were worried that we may never be able to perform on stage again and, most importantly, we were apologetic to fans who kept waiting for our return.”

During their hiatus, the group was busy promoting in Japan and their Japanese album “Summer” even topped the Tower Records Charts; however, despite their success overseas, the group knows they have to work even harder to win over the hearts of the Korean fans, who haven’t seen them in over two years. The group poured their hearts and souls into finding a title track that they were all satisfied with.

The group explained, “We worked on the track with the intention of producing music that was different from our already existing songs.”

Boyfriend’s Jeongmin, who co-wrote and co-produced the track, said, “I experienced some difficulty because the track had a ballad-like sensibility but also needed to be arranged so that we could create a dance performance for it.”

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