Update: Sunmi Unveils “Gashina” Special Edition Teaser

Updated August 21 KST:

After revealing the first teaser video a few days ago, Sunmi has now released an additional teaser for her title track “Gashina”!

Check out the clip below:

Original Article:

Sunmi has released the first teaser video for her comeback track “Gashina”!

The singer has steadily been steadily building up anticipation for her comeback with various teaser images, and she has finally shared the first look at her new music video.

The short clip shows first shows Sunmi enjoying a milkshake in an empty diner before she lets loose and starts dancing like nobody’s watching. Fans can also hear a short snippet of the title track playing in the background.

Sunmi will make her return on August 22 at 12:00 p.m. KST.

Are you loving what you’ve seen and heard from Sunmi so far?