10 Great Tweets That Showcase EXO-Ls’ Fluency In Kokolanguage

Whether or not you’re an EXO fan, you’ve probably heard their summer hit “Ko Ko Bop” at some point in the past month. What you may not have known is that EXO-Ls have taken their excitement for this comeback to a whole new level by dedicating a style of (koko)language to it!

I don’t know about y’all, but I have some kokofeelings about this.

What do I mean by “kokolanguage”? If you haven’t heard of it, just check out these tweets for a crash course in kokolanguage:

1. First, it’s worth noting that this is not the first EXO language.

If you’re wondering what this Twitter user means, the answer lies in the first 20-ish seconds of EXO’s “Wolf” MV:

2. You can probably already see how this language works, right? But if not…

This fan says they need to kokoknow, but they seem to have kokogot it, no?

3. Honestly, EXO-Ls were pretty kokoquick to catch on to the kokolanguage.

4. Some fans were using it for theories on why the YouTube music video views weren’t increasing:

5. Other fans used it to kokosquee about their bias:

6. While others just had a lot of kokofeelings for EXO as a group:

7. Including some kokotears:

8. Still others were spreading the kokolove to their families:

9. Some were even prepared to show their kokoskills on the first day of school:

10. And hey, don’t forget — there’s still a repackaged album coming to continue the kokofun!

EXO-Ls, keep up the kokogood work!

Meanwhile, watch EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” below:

Soompiers, do your fandoms have their own languages? Teach us in the comments below!

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