Watch: BTS Shares More Of “Love Yourself” Story In New Highlight Reel

BTS has released the fourth installment in their “Love Yourself” highlight reel series.

On August 19 at midnight KST, the group released a new “Love Yourself” highlight reel, this time with an additional character in the title that is used to represent a conclusion for a four-part narrative. The video combines scenes from the first three highlight reels with a look back on clips from the group’s previous releases, as well as some new footage for the “Love Yourself” series.

Watch the latest highlight reel below with English subtitles!

BTS previously released a first “Love Yourself” highlight reel on August 16, followed by a second one that continued the story the next day, and a dramatic third highlight reel yesterday. BTS’s “Love Yourself” series will be continuing on into 2018.

Meanwhile, the group is currently preparing to make a much-anticipated comeback in September.