Super Junior’s Shindong Shares Adorable Conversation With Newly Discharged Choi Siwon

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon is back from the army and no one is happier about it than his fellow groupmate, Shindong!

Choi Siwon was discharged with TVXQ’s Changmin from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on August 18, the two of them having enlisted together 21 months ago.

On the same day (August 18), Shindong posted a photo of Choi Siwon saluting in his police uniform and included a screenshot of text messages he exchanged with Choi Siwon after his discharge.

In the messages, both parties are adorably excited, with Shindong writing, “Siwon!!! Congratulations!!!” and “You went through a lot!!!!”

Choi Siwon responded similarly, writing, “Hyung!!! I love you!!! Thank you!!!” Shindong then asked him how he was feeling and added, “This is a new start!!! Very very!!! It feels good!!!” Siwon answered, “I still can’t believe it. How long does this excitement last?”

Shindong began his own military service in 2015 and completed it the following year.