GFRIEND Explains Why They Can’t Dance Pretty Choreography Even If They Want To

The members of GFRIEND were special guests on the August 18 airing of SBS LoveFM’s “Unni’s Radio.”

DJs Song Eun Yi and Kim Sook asked about GFRIEND’s signature, sharp, and perfectly in-sync choreography. GFRIEND answered, “That wasn’t a concept we set up, but somehow it became our own unique color.”

They added, “I think it suits us well. We always say we want to dance pretty choreography but our bodies can’t adjust and we end up making it powerful,” making everyone laugh.

DJ Kim Sook shared how impressed she was by Yuju’s resilience during a period in which the singer fell frequently during performances and said, “She fell many times and it looked so painful, but she got up and continued dancing like nothing happened.”

DJ Song Eun Yi responded, “I think that’s why the GFRIEND we see today was able to come so far.”

Meanwhile, GFRIEND made a comeback with “Love Whisper” earlier this month, through which they are showing off their signature dance moves.

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