Watch: Wanna One Takes 4th Win For “Energetic” On “Music Core”; Performances By WINNER, GFRIEND, And More

The August 19 episode of MBC’s “Music Core” features performances from WINNER, NCT DREAM, Wanna One, GFRIEND, BOYFRIEND, SONAMOO, SNUPER, CLC, gugudan OGUOGU, KNK, N.Flying, Weki Meki, TheEastLight, HOTSHOT, BP RANIA, and Cheon Dan Bi.

The top three contenders this week were BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last,” EXO’s “Ko Ko Bo,” and Wanna One’s “Energetic” and Wanna One came out on top with a grand total of 9703 points!

Congratulations to Wanna One! Watch their encore stage as well as all of the other performances below:

♬ Comeback ♡ Stage ♬

– NCT DREAM 『Trigger the fever』, 『We Young』

– SONAMOO 『So Good +Friday Night』


♬ Hot ♧ Debut ♬

– Wanna One 『Energetic』


♬ Music Discovery ◉ Stage ♬

– Cheon Dan Bi 『More Today (Duet with. Han Kyung Soo)』


♬ Good-bye ♧ Stage ♬

– SNUPER 『The Star Of Stars』


♬ Hot ♥ Stage ♬




– gugudan OGUOGU 『ICE CHU』

– Weki Meki 『I don’t like your Girlfriend』


♬ Sound ◈ Holic ♬

– N.Flying 『The Real』

– KNK 『Rain』

– The East Light 『I Got You』

– HOTSHOT 『Jelly』


♬ New ♣ Song ♬

– CLC 『Summer Kiss』

– BP RANIA 『Beep Beep Beep』