Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Shares About Her Past Struggles With Waking Up Members

During the August 19 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun shared how her fellow members gave her grief about morning wake up calls in the past.

Seohyun began her story by saying she was in charge of morning call back when they had all lived in a dorm, and that she was always sad about it.

“I have a really hard time waking up myself, but I worked hard to wake up everyone else. One time, however, Sooyoung told me to mind my own business. It was really shocking! I was pretty upset by it,” she expressed.

Upon hearing the story, Sooyoung was at a loss for what to say. Seohyun continued, “Because we were always late, I would have to wake them up. Of course, when I actually wake them up, they don’t feel too good about it. When I went into YoonA and Yuri‘s room, Yuri yelled at me to turn off the lights. I was hurt.”

Hyoyeon interjected, “I always got up fine,” to which Seohyun added, “Yeah, but you wouldn’t come out of your room!”

When asked how Taeyeon would get up, Seohyun began to talk about how she sleep talks a lot. Sooyoung interrupted and said, “I sleep talk a lot, too, actually.”

Seohyun then responded, “Your eyes were half-open when you would talk to me,” rejecting Sooyoung’s attempt to justify herself.

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