August Brand Reputation Rankings For Individual Boy Group Members Revealed

On August 20, the Korean Business Research Institute announced the August brand reputation rankings for individual boy group members. This is based on the analysis of media coverage, interaction, and community indexes for 160,391,088 pieces of big data on 320 boy group members from July 18 to August 19.

Wanna One sweeped the ranking, with all 11 members taking the top 11 spots. Kang Daniel placed first with a total brand reputation index of 12,312,856. “Cute,” “Handsome,” and “Cool,” are words that ranked high for the link analysis of Kang Daniel, while “Wanna One,” “Energetic,” and “Abs” ranked high for his keyword analysis.

Park Ji Hoon took second with a brand reputation index of 9,254,384, and Ong Sung Woo was third with 7,493,164. Hwang Min Hyun, Yoon Ji Sung, Kim Jae Hwan, Lee Dae Hwi, Park Woo Jin, Bae Jin Young, Ha Sung Woon, and Lai Guan Lin followed immediately after.

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Check out the top 30 below:

  1. Wanna One’s Kang Daniel
  2. Wanna One’s Park Ji Hoon
  3. Wanna One’s Ong Sung Woo
  4. Wanna One’s Hwang Min Hyun
  5. Wanna One’s Yoon Ji Sung
  6. Wanna One’s Kim Jae Hwan
  7. Wanna One’s Lee Dae Hwi
  8. Wanna One’s Park Woo Jin
  9. Wanna One’s Bae Jin Young
  10. Wanna One’s Ha Sung Woon
  11. Wanna One’s Lai Guan Lin
  12. WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon
  13. WINNER’s Song Mino
  14. BIGBANG’s Taeyang
  15. BTS’s Jimin
  16. EXO’s Baekhyun
  17. BTS’s Jungkook
  18. SHINee’s Onew
  19. EXO’s Chanyeol
  20. EXO’s Suho
  21. BTS’s V
  22. BTOB’s Yook Sungjae
  23. EXO’s Sehun
  24. IMFACT’s Leesang
  25. EXO’s Xiumin
  26. NU’EST’s JR
  27. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon
  28. B1A4’s Baro
  29. FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki
  30. BTS’s Jin

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