Sandara Park Finds Out Why Yang Hyun Suk Has Yet To Plan An Album For Her

During the August 19 episode of MBC’s “All Broadcasts of the World,” Sandara Park wanted to ask Yang Hyun Suk why he hasn’t been planning any albums for her for the past three years.

“YG doesn’t really take out artists from the jewelry box. I want to ask for an album, but it’s not easy to make such a request,” Sandara Park shared.

Henry and Joo Sang Wook then decided to help her out by calling Yang Hyun Suk. Henry got a bit nervous while talking to Yang Hyun Suk, so he turned it over to Joo Sang Wook, who confidently asked, “We’re calling on Sandara Park’s behalf because she has something to say. Why hasn’t Dara been able to release an album for the past three years?”

Taken aback, Yang Hyun Suk replied, “Sandara has yet to come to me with such a request. We haven’t had the opportunity to discuss the matter. It would’ve been nice to have a serious conversation with her about this, but I wasn’t really able to see her.”

“Dara says she’d like to have a serious talk with you, too,” Joo Sang Wook responded.

It sounds like they definitely got the message across!

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