3 Things To Look Out For In Last 2 Episodes Of “Bride Of The Water God”

There are just two episodes left of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Bride of the Water God” and the staff has revealed three key points to look out for to enjoy the drama as it comes to an end.


Point 1. To whom do the shoes in Yeom Mi’s dream belong to?

There is a small but interesting mystery that still remains in “Bride of the Water God.” What’s being called “Yeom Mi (played by Choi Woo Ri)’s dream” has added a mysterious element to the fantasy romantic comedy and intrigued viewers, and many are curious to uncover the secrets behind the dream.

People are trying to figure out whose water-soaked sneakers appear with So Ah (played by Shin Se Kyung). The opinions are split between So Ah’s father, Habaek (played by Nam Joo Hyuk), or a mystery third person. The majority of viewers believe the shoes belong to Habaek, based on the clues surrounding water, the shoes belonging to a man, and So Ah saying, “They say that person saved me.”

The drama plans to uncover all of the secrets tied to Yeom Mi’s dream in the remaining two episodes. It will be interesting to see if viewers were able to guess correctly, or whether they’ll be stunned by the answers. It remains to be seen what role the sneakers’s owner will play in the future.

Point 2. Where is So Ah’s father? “Where are you?”

“Bride of the Water God” never gives viewers a moment to catch their breath. Everything, from So Ah and Hoo Ye (played by Im Ju Hwan)’s connection to So Ah and Habaek’s love relies on where So Ah’s father is. According to the all of the information that is currently available, So Ah’s father is a kind man who showed love for poor children in the street, but turned his back on his own family.

In the 14th episode, a man’s voice can be heard saying, “It’s okay. It’s okay. Stay still. Don’t tremble,” while So Ah is embracing Hoo Ye. Many are wondering if this voice belongs to So Ah’s father. Adding that Hoo Ye then tells So Ah, “Have we met before? It feels like we have a very long time ago,” many viewers are curious to know the secrets behind these characters.

It remains to be seen whether Hoo Ye met So Ah’s father in the past, and whether So Ah will be able to meet her father.

Point 3. Will SoBaek Couple have a happy or sad ending?

It’s still unclear whether the drama will having a happy, sad, or open ending. Viewers have been throwing around ideas like “So Ah and Habaek get married,” “Habaek returns to the realm of gods,” and “Habaek returns to the realm of gods, but with So Ah.”

Regarding this, the drama’s staff stated, “We’re being very careful of spoilers so that viewers can enjoy the drama till the very end. There are just two episodes left, and we know that many viewers are curious about how things will end. The drama will continue to intrigue and delight till the end, so make sure you stay tuned.”

Do you think you have the answers to these three points? Share your theories on how the drama will end!

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