Red Velvet Thanks Fans And Talks About How Much Their 1st Solo Concert Means To Them

Red Velvet held a press conference for their first solo concert “Red Room” on August 20 and opened up about how their gratitude to fans, holding their first concert, and getting support from SM senior groups.

“Red Room” is Red Velvet’s first solo concert since the group made their debut in 2014. The members came together to say, “This is a concert all five of us have dreamed of. The first day felt so surreal. We all cried.”

Though the group had originally planned to hold concerts on the 19th and 20th, another concert on August 18 was added due to high demand. Yeri said, “I was so happy when I heard that our concert would be extended because of its popularity. We’re so grateful.” Seulgi also added, “Tears welled up in my eyes on the first day because I felt so emotional. Seeing all of our fans’ light sticks made me tear up. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our fans.”

Joy said, “I cried on the first day. Seeing all of the seats filled with our fans really moved me. I was so moved by the fact that so many people were willing to invest so much time in us. I felt so emotional because the memories of being a trainee, and all of our happy and sad moments filled my head. I was moved to tears.”

Red Velvet also revealed that as the youngest girl group in SM Entertainment, they have been receiving a lot of support from their labelmates. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon recently shared a photo from the concert, which showed her, Hyoyeon, and YoonA hanging out with the members of Red Velvet.

Yeri said, “We were so surprised when SHINee’s Minho, and Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, YoonA, and Taeyeon came to our concert. It was so weird seeing them as audience members because we were used to being the ones attending their concerts. It was cool.” Joy added, “We’ve seen a lot of our seniors’ concerts. We’ve learned a lot from them too, and they helped us out so much.”

When asked about Lee Soo Man, the founder of SM Entertainment, Yeri stated, “We haven’t been able to get concert advice from him because we haven’t met him yet. But when we won first place with ‘Red Flavor,’ he sent us a warm message congratulating us. We were very grateful.”

The girl group concluded their press conference by stating that their goal is to just have fun and enjoy everything that they do.

Red Velvet has been enthralling fans with their first solo concert “Red Room” from August 18 to 20.

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