“SNL Korea 9” PD Talks About Working With Wanna One And Names Most Impressive Members

In a recent interview, the producer (PD) of tvN’s “SNL Korea 9,” Kwon Sung Wook, shared the story behind casting Wanna One, and which member he would like to recruit to the crew.

As the hottest boy group in the K-pop industry at the moment, Wanna One scored a new record on “SNL Korea 9” by receiving 90,000 requests from fans to attend their live show. Needless to say, the episode featuring Wanna One had a viewership rating of 2.6 percent according to Nielsen Korea, which is the highest rating for “SNL Korea 9” so far.

Kwon Sung Wook shared, “I predicted success for Wanna One’s episode since our pre-meeting,” and explained, “Even though they are rookies and have little acting experience, they showed great teamwork and were full of ideas.”

The PD went on to describe how the members interacted with each other, and named a few members who were most memorable. “The members pointed out each other’s strengths and were supportive of each other. The person who got complimented wouldn’t even shy away and would naturally act out a given scene,” he said.

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“I think Yoon Ji Sung watches ‘SNL Korea 9’ a lot. He was especially full of ideas and had a great sense of variety shows,” revealed Kwon Sung Wook. He also named Hwang Min Hyun and Ong Sung Woo as the best actors, and talked about Kang Daniel as well.

He shared, “As you would expect from the ‘center,’ Kang Daniel was very charming. For the ‘To the Beautiful You‘ segment, Daniel finished it perfectly during the first filming, so there was no need for him to perform it again. But he requested to redo it because he thought he could do a better job, so we shot it again. He was very ambitious.”

The PD went on to send a message to Kang Daniel himself. “I want to invite him as a crew member. What do you think, Daniel?” He asked.

Kwon Sung Wook also noted that the production team of “SNL Korea 9” was able to receive positive energy from the motivated rookie group. He revealed, “Although they’re just starting out, it feels like we were gifted a new kind of energy from them,” and expressed, “That energy was in line with the direction that ‘SNL Korea 9’ is trying to take. It was eye-opening to watch Wanna One.”

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