JBJ’s Kim Tae Dong Asks For More Time And Patience From Fans

It has previously been reported that Kim Tae Dong from “Produce 101 Season 2” had requested to terminate his contract with his agency, The Vibe Label. He then updated concerned fans of his situation in an Instagram post. His agency has stated that they are seeking an amicable resolution with Kim Tae Dong.

On August 20, Kim Tae Dong updated his fans once more in regards to the ongoing issue with The Vibe Label.

He said, “Hello. It’s raining and the weather has become chillier. Is everyone doing well? I’m causing a lot of inconvenience, right? I’m so thankful to those who have stuck with me through this time. I am very sorry, as I know many are tired of waiting for a silent me.”

He continued, “Everyone, please don’t be anxious or hard on yourself. I also gain strength from reading the words of encouragement from everyone. I would appreciate it if you could understand that I am trying to face everyone as an honest and honorable person. I’m really sorry that I am always asking for your understanding. I think about everyone a lot, and miss you all. Thank you always.”

The original post has been taken down from Kim Tae Dong’s Instagram.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Dong was a part of the lineup for the group JBJ, which includes “Produce 101 Season 2” contestants Takada Kenta, Kim Yong Guk, Kim Sang Gyun, Kim Dong Han, Noh Tae Hyun, and Kwon Hyun Bin. JBJ is aiming to debut in September.

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