Watch: Wanna One Feeds Each Other And Dances With Anchovies In Making Of “Burn It Up” MV

On August 21, a behind-the-scenes video was revealed for Wanna One’s “Burn It Up” music video.

The members shower each other with cute affection throughout the clip. When Lai Guan Lin yells, “Park Ji Hoon is handsome,” Park Ji Hoon feeds him a walnut cookie and says, “This is all I can do for you.” Bae Jin Young also (partially with force) feeds Lee Dae Hwi, who then attempts to feed Yoon Ji Sung but is stopped by Bae Jin Young who insists on feeding him himself.

In the next scene, Kang Daniel shares, “I danced with an anchovy,” explaining that an anchovy swam over to his hand as he was about to dance. He also spontaneously acts out being grandparents with Yoon Ji Sung, muttering in his best grandfather voice, “We have already been together for this long.” The other members also continue to show each other love, with Lee Dae Hwi fanning Bae Jin Young and Hwang Min Hyun sending a kiss to Park Ji Hoon.

While they fool around during breaks, the members put in all their effort when filming to act and dance their best despite the difficult weather.

Check out the video below: