6 Cute Real Life K-Pop Siblings

Genes really can’t lie! Idols not only have beautiful or handsome looks, but also talented singing and dancing skills as well. Having idol siblings is seriously a praise to some great genes. Here are six real life siblings who support each other in the same industry.

BTOB’s Ilhoon and Singer JOO

Ilhoon debuted as BTOB member after JOO made her name in the industry with her honey voice. Ilhoon recently revealed in a show that his sister would practice dancing using the glass windows when they were little. He said, “I listened to the music that my sister practiced to. We used to fight a lot during my teenage years, but since we are in the same industry, we understand each other well. She gives me moral support, and really helped me especially in my rookie years.”

WINNER’s Song Mino and New F.O.’s Dana

Dana debuted as a part of the girl group New F.O. in 2011, and Song Mino debuted as a part of WINNER in 2014. In order to support her brother, Dana brought a huge banner that said, “Song Mino Very Good” onthe “WIN: Who Is Next?” episode determining the final WINNER members.

Akdong Musician

The brother-sister duo consists of Lee Soo Hyun and Lee Chan Hyuk. They have been showcasing the epitome of brother and sister relationships by being sweet and also savage to each other. They are referred to as “Tom and Jerry” for their constant, loving bickering.

B1A4’s Baro and I (Cha Yoonji)

Cha Yoonji, who is known by her stage name “I,” debuted earlier this year. Even before her debut, she attracted attention as a YoonA lookalike. In a variety program, Baro said, “I have a sister who is 4 years younger than me. We weren’t a well off family when we were young, so she is very caring and thinks about others a lot. She doesn’t tell others that she is my sister, because she is afraid that there will be negative effects on me.”

Han Sun Hwa and VICTON’s Han Seungwoo

Han Sun Hwa was recently swept in a misunderstanding when she uploaded a photo of her arm in arm with her brother, Han Seungwoo. She revealed in an interview that both of them are bad at expressing their love to each other, so they don’t really give advice to each other. She continued, “But if he needs help or advice, I try to give him strength.”

Han Sun Hwa also expressed her pride towards her brother by saying, “He’s been through a lot just because he is ‘Han Sun Hwa’s brother,’ but he’s working hard. I’m proud of him.”

Kim Jae Kyung and N.Flying’s Kim Jaehyun

Kim Jae Kyung is famous for her love for her brother, Kim Jaehyun. In a recent broadcast, Kim Jaehyun revealed, “My sister tells me every detail that she noticed from monitoring me on TV. Some time ago, she told me not to do certain things on TV.” Kim Jae Kyung supported her brother by sending a coffee truck to N.flying’s music video shooting set.

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