Fans Make Connections Between “Total Eclipse” And Rest Of EXO’s Previous Releases

When EXO released an unexpected video at the same time the 2017 total solar eclipse began in Oregon, fans put their thinking caps back on and took a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Days before EXO even announced anything, many were joking about how the solar eclipse meant that EXO would be coming back because of the monologue that is included in the group’s “MAMA” music video.

It may have started as a joke, but as soon as EXO posted a mysterious message about the date, time, and location the solar eclipse would hit the US coast on August 21 KST, theories began popping up rapidly.

Hours later, EXO unveiled a video that ended with “a message from EXO Planet,” that read, “The power of music arises when the eclipse occurs.”

The first connection almost everyone made is how an eclipse, or the story mentioned in the “MAMA” music video in relation to the eclipse, has reappeared in every single one of EXO’s comebacks. Along with this, people pointed out more significant appearances in multiple pre-debut teasers, the “pathcode” teasers from 2015, and even in Lay’s solo release.

As for how all of these videos connect with each other, a 2015 tweet from EXO’s old “pathcode” account suggested a possible answer.

People also found a historical tale about a solar eclipse that once stopped a war. When considering EXO’s most recent album was titled “The War,” along with the 2015 post, some suggested that an overarching story is being told in reverse. In addition, EXO’s most recent concert series opened with a video that was titled “The Story of the Past,” and the members have mentioned how their most recent title track “Ko Ko Bop” talks about the night before a war.

“Pathcode”—the teasers that were released for EXO’s previous “EXODUS” album—made another reappearance in some of the photo cards that were included in version A of EXO’s “The War” album. Fans also remembered the significance of “a message from EXO Planet,” in relation to “pathcode.”

They also couldn’t help but notice how a couple of major events related to EXO—in 2006 and 2012—were also the dates of other solar eclipses. In addition, the next total solar eclipse that will pass through North America will be on April 8, 2024, which will be EXO’s 12th anniversary since debut.

It didn’t escape fans’ notice that the eclipse happened on August 21 local time, and that the video is also exactly 21 seconds long.

These theories wouldn’t be complete without including an analysis of the members’ past actions and words. Several EXO members have been spotted making a “strength” pose in the album and during the group’s exclusive V Live content, while Sehun has consistently posed in one manner multiple times.

The lyrics that can be heard in the mysterious teaser are in line with something Baekhyun said recently, while Suho has mentioned “strength” in his most recent post on EXO’s fan board.

LDN Noise, who has produced many of EXO’s past hits like “Monster,” “Forever,” and “White Noise,” also seemingly gave another hint that can be tied back to the popular television show and book series, “Game of Thrones.” While the famous phrase has several meanings, the author of the book series, George R.R. Martin has been credited to have said that winter is a metaphorical representation of “a dark period.”

Meanwhile, EXO has confirmed that they will be making a comeback in September with a repackaged album.

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