8 Korean Celebrities Who Are Secretly Drinking From The Fountain Of Youth

For years, humans have been interested in immortality and eternal youth. In the entertainment industry, it looks like quite a few people have discovered a way to stay young forever. This list created by tvN’s variety show “The List” shows some of the celebrities who don’t ever seem to age. While these stars are probably either vampires or drinking from the fountain of youth, they shared some of the other things they are doing to maintain their youthful appearances.

Cha Seung Won (48)

Cha Seung Won is 48 (all ages are in Korean reckoning) and made his debut more than 30 years ago. While he doesn’t watch what he eats, he focuses on exercising hard. He shared, “There is no secret method besides working out everyday. I do aerobic exercise and stretches using a resistance band.”

Kim Sa Rang (40)

Back in 2000, Kim Sa Rang was selected as the first place winner of Korea’s biggest beauty pageant, Miss Korea. Her personal secret to youth is eating two meals a day: one meal in the morning and the other meal at around 5 or 6 p.m. Eating at night and drinking alcohol are things she avoids at all costs. She also does stretches with a massage ball every morning and makes time to do yoga or Pilates.

Han Ji Min (36)

Han Ji Min is a real babyface. She makes frequent use of face masks and takes in vitamins by consuming lots of fruits. She also revealed that she drinks banana vinegar to detox her body and adds yoga and Pilates to all of this to maintain her health.

Kim Sung Ryung (51)

At first glance, it’s impossible to tell, but Kim Sung Ryung is 51 and a mother of two sons. To stay fit, she does various exercises that range from weight training, yoga, Pilates, and tennis to K-pop dance and more.

Shinhwa’s Eric (39)

Making his debut 19 years ago as a member of one of the first generation boy groups, Shinhwa, Eric has always kept a toned body. He maintains his figure by exercising and eating salads with chicken breast and various vegetables.

Song Ji Hyo (37)

This may be surprising, but Song Ji Hyo has been in the entertainment industry for 17 years. Her secret to youth lies in her love for aerobic exercises like cycling. Rather than exercising systematically, she prefers to move around a lot by using public transportation. As for her beautiful skin, she makes sure to moisturize her face after thoroughly washing off her makeup.

Park Soo Jin (33)

Park Soo Jin made her debut in 2001 as part of girl group Sugar. She married actor Bae Yong Joon in 2015 and gave birth to a son last October. In addition to going on walks and doing yoga and Pilates, she plays golf with her husband. She also takes care of her body through frequent visits to the spa.

Lee Seo Jin (47)

The Lee Seo Jin we see today is almost identical to the Lee Seo Jin from 18 years ago, when he had just debuted. Despite his ‘lazy’ image on variety shows, he takes extra care of his body. After all, he is known for his broad shoulders and muscular chest.Weight training is an everyday routine, and he jogs, swims, and cycles as hobbies. Not only that, but he also performs a detox on his body every year by following a special diet for three weeks.

Were you surprised at how young these stars look compared to their ages?

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