15 K-Pop GIFs That Are Relatable AF If You’re A Student

If we had to sum up school in one GIF:

Whether that’s a nice, refreshing Coke or something slightly more special, that’s up to you. But going back to school is not an easy thing. So if you’ve already started school, about to start soon, or you’re reminiscing about school in general, here are 15 GIFs that every student will feel on a spiritual level.

Having to wake up early after wrecking your sleep schedule over the summer:

But then that coffee hits and you just:

Seeing that the syllabus is 15 pages long:

Just watching the list of things you have to do pile up… up… and up.

Me trying to catch up on work:

Deadlines try to act all cute by being all far away and then they just:

“Hey there. Remember me? I’m that 12-page essay due in two hours.”

And seeing your grades like:

Don’t even wanna touch it.

When you finally have some time to yourself, but you realize you forgot to do that assignment due at 11:59 p.m.

Those all-nighters because you procrastinated:

Coming home and just:

But if there’s anything school has taught you, it’s that the little things in life are what really matter.

Simple words like: “class is canceled,”

“Today we’ll have a substitute teacher/guest lecturer,”

“We’re watching a film,”

Can turn your whole day around:

Have a nice first day of school, Soompiers!

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