Moon Chae Won To Join Cho Seung Woo And Ji Sung In Final Chapter Of Historical Film Trilogy

Actress Moon Chae Won is set to join Ji Sung and Cho Seung Woo in the final chapter of a historical film trilogy directed by director Park Hee Gon!

Namoo Actors confirmed on August 23 that the actress will play the role of Cho Seon in the film “Great Site” (literal translation). Through her agency, Moon Chae Won stated, “It’s an honor and I’m excited to be working alongside such great people. I will work hard and do my best for my new role.”

“Great Site” is the last of a trilogy of movies that include “The Face Reader” (2013) and “Marital Harmony” (2017), and centers around an intense battle over a famous gravesite that will influence who will become the next king. The crew that will work on the movie has worked on other popular historical films like “Sado” (also known as “The Throne”), “The King and the Clown,” and “The Face Reader.”

“Great Site” is set to be released in 2018.

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