Teen Top’s Ricky Talks About Blossoming Friendship With Takada Kenta

Takada Kenta from “Produce 101 Season 2” is a successful Teen Top fan!

On August 23, Teen Top’s Ricky held a live broadcast through V Live and talked about his appearance on Channel A’s upcoming short track speed skating programHe shared that he has been practicing every day in preparation to compete for the program. When asked if he has gotten closer to Takada Kenta, another participant on the show, he revealed, “I have gotten much closer to Kenta.” He added, “Actually, Kenta is older than me because he was born in January. I plan on calling him hyung (term used by males to refer to older males) from now on.”

Previously, Takada Kenta was spotted in photos and videos at Teen Top’s fan signing events and performances, even wearing a shirt with “I am Japan’s Ricky” written. He has also revealed that the group influenced his dream of becoming an K-pop idol. “We Are Also National Athletes” (literal translation), starring Ricky, Takada Kenta, and more, will air its first episode sometime in September.

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