Former MBC PD Calls Out MBC President After Secret Filming Of Funeral

Choi Seung Ho, a former MBC PD of 26 years, spoke out about MBC’s “Real Story Eye” secretly filming the funeral of actress Song Sun Mi’s husband and the “poison in MBC,” which he says is the root of a long-standing issue at the broadcasting company.

August 25, Choi Seung Ho posted the following message on his Facebook:

“The fact that they secretly filmed and aired the funeral of Song Sun Mi’s husband despite that fact that the grieving family asked media not to… this is an example of how atrocious MBC is under the leadership of Kim Jang Kyeom [the current president of MBC].

“[MBC] is killing ‘PD Notebook,’ a show that actively aims to keep authorities in check, and is instead using celebrities’ family tragedies to try and increase their ratings.

“The footage was actually filmed by a subcontracting company, but they’re just lambs to the slaughter in the face of MBC’s constant urges toward the pursuit of ratings. ‘Real Story Eye’ has, since a couple of years ago, cultivated a terrible reputation for upper management at MBC verbally abusing PDs from subcontracting companies to make them comply with their ratings-hungry ways.

“The Korean Independent Producers & Directors Association went public with the issue last year, but the subcontractor PDs asked the association to back down for fear of losing the program.

“As long as the poison of Kim Jang Kyeom’s leadership remains at MBC, MBC will undoubtedly continue to air poisonous television.”

Choi Seung Ho is most well-known as a former PD for the MBC investigative journalism program “PD Notebook,” reporting on controversial topics — such as the fabricated experiments of stem cell researcher Hwang Woo Suk and corruption in the Korean justice system — regardless of pushback from Korean authorities and even the Korean public. He was fired from MBC in 2012 after participating in a union strike. Recently, Choi Seung Ho directed a documentary film called “Criminal Conspiracy,” released last week on August 17, about changes in Korean public broadcasting in the past 10 years and its failures.

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