TWICE Shares How They Were Touched By Sunmi In An Unexpected Way

It’s always so nice to see JYP Family showing some love and support for each other!

The members of TWICE recently shared a heartwarming story that involved their senior and former labelmate Sunmi through an Instagram post on August 26.

The post revealed, “We happened to coincidentally run into Sunmi at a restaurant, and she paid for our meal. She even gave us her album~~~ Sunmi’s ‘Gashina‘ is the best best best. Sunmi who is pretty, has a kind heart, and is good at everything, we’re supporting you. Thank you.”

In her message that she left on the album, Sunmi also affectionally told TWICE, “Eat well, sleep a lot, and succeed next time as well! Be healthy.”

Meanwhile, Sunmi is currently promoting her most recent title track “Gashina.”