Apink’s Namjoo, Yoo Seon Ho, And Ahn Hyeong Seop Are On The Case In New Web Drama Posters

A batch of fun and intriguing posters for the upcoming web drama “Mischievous Detectives” (literal title) has been released ahead of the drama’s official release!

The posters feature Apink’s Namjoo as the passionate detective Jin Kyung, Ahn Hyeong Seop as Oh Sung, the high school detective who specializes in liberal arts, and Yoo Seon Ho as Han Eum, a high school detective who is knowledgeable in the natural sciences.

In the drama, the trio will band together to uncover the mysteries behind Oh Sung and Han Eum’s parents’ disappearances and the shady foundation that may hold the key to all the secrets.

The three have been showcasing great chemistry in teaser stills and Naver V App broadcasts so far, and the drama’s staff noted, “With filming almost over, the trio are now closer than ever and they’re complete in sync. Please anticipate a great performance by them.”

The drama will be nine episodes long and is aiming to be released in September on Naver TV.

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