The August 27 episode of MBC’s “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets” featured the first meeting of the introvert idols set to star in the new reality program. As expected, the scene was chock full of awkward silence!

The first person to arrive was Lee Sang Woo, who immediately threw himself into a blanket. Every once in a while he would receive a phone call from his wife, Kim So Yeon, but his eyes remained fixed on the TV screen.

Next up to appear were Yong Junhyung and Parc Jae Jung. However, the two of them saw Lee Sang Woo in the other room and hardly attempted to approach him. Yong Junhyung in particularly seemed to have no interest in interacting with people, as was shown in a scene where he opens the door and can’t seem to bring himself out.

Fourth to arrive was Kang Daniel, who began to unpack jellies and snacks from his bags one by one. “This is snug!” he exclaimed as he happily munched on his snacks and hugged the bag of jellies to his chest. “At my house in Busan I have a snack box. I love jellies. I put them next to me when I sleep and when I wake up I always have jelly stuck in my teeth,” he explained. Instead of just sleeping, Kang Daniel focused on reading comic books and webtoons. “I thought I should read my comic for a while and then go to sleep because this is something that I can’t do in our dormitory,” the singer explained with a laugh.

The homebodies had their first official meeting the next morning. Lee Sang Woo and Yong Junhyung coincidentally sat together in the kitchen and had breakfast together. It took 20 minutes of awkward silence before the two of them introduced themselves. Lee Sang Woo had a latte and Yong Junhyung had seaweed.

Parc Jae Jung joined the group soon after, though each member carried on the breakfast mood of not knowing what to do with each other. With Lee Sang Woo at 39 years old, Yong Junhyung at 29 years old, and Parc Jae Jung at 23 years old, the age difference between the group was quite large.

The three men went into the room where Kang Daniel was sleeping. After reading his comic book until 6 a.m., Kang Daniel was sleeping in. The singer awoke suddenly to find the three men standing in his room and staring at him. As Kang Daniel joined the group on the first floor, the members watched a cooking video together. Yong Junhyung and Parc Jae Jung went out to do some shopping and Kang Daniel had ramen for breakfast.

Yong Junhyung and Parc Jae Jung bought four packs of meat, crushed garlic, and other materials for the men to cook together. It may have been a huge amount, but buying a large amount of food in one trip is the shopping style for homebodies! Despite the fresh cooking supplies, the four men opted for the typical lunch for introverts: instant dumplings.

Soon, the group discovered a pool. As they prepared to swim, the men started to open up with each other. Ultimately, it was Lee Sang Woo who broke the ice and took off his clothes to jump into the water!

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