Shin Se Kyung Reveals Her Phobia Of Water And How Nam Joo Hyuk Surprised Her

Actress Shin Se Kyung recently wrapped up filming of tvN’s drama “Bride of the Water God” and partook in interviews where she revealed surprising behind-the-scenes stories from filming the drama.

Shin Se Kyung (So Ah) played the counterpart of actor Nam Joo Hyuk (Habaek), and with him being a water god, they had to film numerous water scenes requiring them to fall into or act underwater. However, many fans will be surprised to know that the actress suffers from a severe water trauma.

Shin Se Kyung shared, “I worried the most about the underwater scenes when deciding to appear in the drama.” She continued, “My trauma is so bad that sometimes I get short of breath while showering. Thankfully, with the generous help of the filming crew, I was able to complete the water scenes, though I feel apologetic because I could have done a better job if I wasn’t an actress who was scared of water. But I still did my best.”

When choosing the hardest scene to film in the drama, Shin Se Kyung chose the scene with Gong Myung (Bi Ryeom). She explained, “The scene where I’m having a really hard time while being hit by water was part acting and part reality. During the second take, I couldn’t breathe so we had to stop filming. It’s not good manners as an actress, but the crew was very considerate.”

Shin Se Kyung also revealed her thoughts on Nam Joo Hyuk, an actor who she said she learned a lot from while filming and someone she described as “a thankful actor who gave me motivation.” Many actors and actresses have to film emotional scenes that go into a close-up of just one of the actors, while the co-star stands on the opposite side of the one being filmed. Shin Se Kyung revealed that Nam Joo Hyuk went above and beyond his given role. She said, “When your co-actor is filming an emotional scene, it is difficult to cry with them 100 percent of the time, but Nam Joo Hyuk cried with me whether the camera was on him or not.”

The actress continued, “I’ve never seen an actor who cried with me on every take, and seeing him made me ask myself, ‘when my co-actor is filming their close-up emotional scene, have I ever cried with them?’ and made me self-reflect. I was really touched and surprised.”

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