Actress Song Sun Mi Reflects On Her Late Husband Following His Death

A little over a week after the loss of her husband, actress Song Sun Mi took to her Instagram to reflect on his life.

She started, “Like how clear and blue the sky is, he was that kind of person. He was a person that always considered others before himself, and those sides of him were so charming.”

“Humorous and warm….he did not express much, but he had a big heart, so I could tell how meaningful each of his expressions were. She continued, “He supported my work more than anyone. He gave me more courage than anyone when I was having a difficult time or lacking confidence.”

She concluded, “I miss this person. But for him, I gain strength again today and make it through.”

하늘이 맑고 푸르른것처럼 ……그런사람이었다. 항상 자기보다 남을 배려하는 사람이었고 그런 모습이 너무나 매력적인 사람…. 유머러스하고 따뜻하고….표현은 작았지만 가슴이 있는 사람이라….그의 표현이 얼마나 많은 의미를 지니는지 알게 하는 그런사람……내가 하는 일을… 누구보다 지지해줬던 사람….내가 힘들어하거나 자신없어 할때 누구보다 용기를 줬던 사람…..그사람이 그립고 ….그립지만….그를 위해 나는 오늘도 힘을 내고 버틴다. #저를 격려해주시고 많은 용기를 주신 모든분들께 감사의 마음 드립니다.감사합니다.!

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Song Sun Mi’s husband passed away on August 21, and a suspect in his murder has since been arrested. The actress temporarily took a break from drama “Return of Bok Dan Ji” but will now resume filming.