Watch: NU’EST W Hilariously Tries To Make Up “If You” Choreography On The Spot

NU’EST W appeared on the August 30 Pledis Entertainment special episode of “Weekly Idol,” where they were asked to perform a choreographed version of their track “If You.”

As the song played in the background, the four members started to sway and wave their arms. MC Jung Hyung Don cut the music and asked what is going on, to which Baekho explained that “If You” was a track released without choreography.

Jung Hyung Don and Defconn argued that you can still create some choreography on-the-spot, and even showed them some examples they could use. NU’EST W members tried again, but exemplified moves of beginner trainees and were forced to stop for not being in sync.

For their final attempt, they linked arms and danced in sync, which the hosts approved.

Watch the hilarious clip below!