BIGBANG’s Taeyang Reveals That His Hit Song “Only Look At Me” Was Not Originally Meant For Him

During a recent guest appearance on SBS’s “Fantastic Duo 2,” BIGBANG’s Taeyang surprised viewers by confessing that his hit solo track “Only Look At Me” was not originally written for him.

“Only Look At Me” is a track from Taeyang’s first solo album “Hot” and became a hot topic after sweeping music charts upon its release in 2008.

In the episode, songwriter Kim Ina said, “One of the lyrics [from ‘Only Look At Me’] goes, ‘Even if I cheat, only look at me,’ and the tone of these lyrics doesn’t really match Taeyang’s image.”

In response, Taeyang said, “This song was written by YG composer Teddy and was actually originally meant for another artist. But I heard the song by chance and fell in love with it immediately. So I went to Teddy right away and begged him [for the song], which is how it became one of my solo tracks.”

Meanwhile, Taeyang made his long-awaited solo comeback with “Darling” and “Wake Me Up” earlier this month. Plus, Taeyang recently talked about the reactions his jokes get from his fellow BIGBANG members as well as his girlfriend, actress Min Hyo Rin.

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