11 Hip Hop And R&B Artists Who Were Adorable As Kids

Despite maintaining their badass appearance in the eyes of the public, hip hop and R&B artists are not always limited to their tough image. As a matter of fact, they all happen to be soft at some point in their lives, and their cute baby pictures are living proof. Through their social media, here are 11 hip hop/R&B artists who were adorable as kids.

1. Dean

From a cute toddler to an even cuter adult, Dean’s features have barely changed.

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2. Zico

Young Jiho’s baby cheeks are still present to this day.

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When i was

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3. Heize

Heize was an absolutely charming little girl!

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#휴가 #비키니 #? #? #?

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4. Beenzino

Now we all know that Beenzino had his signature gaze even during his early days.

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5. Jay Park

Jaebum in a hanbok, anyone?

6. G.Soul

G.Soul’s caption says it all.

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I always loved taking my clothes off in front of a camera

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7. Loco

Loco was insanely cute as a little kid!

8. Gray

Quite the colorful take of Gray as a birthday boy!

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9. Jessi

Jessi was an adorable unnie even as a kid!

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아빠… My dad… Words cannot explain how much I love you.. Thank you for raising me to be the strong, independent and hardworking woman that I am today. I wouldn't be here today without you.. I fucked up a lot as I was growing up, made bad choices, gave up on my career.. Yet my dad never doubted me.. Not even for a second.. He opened my eyes to dreams I've never imagined were even possible.. I am here today because of my family. Thank you.. I love you dad and miss you… #happybirthday #생일축하해 #daddysnumberonegirl #daddysgirl #familyiseverything #unconditionallove #hardestworkingdadever #imgonnamakeyouproud #stopgettingolderplease ??? #iwastheugliestbabyever #butnottohim #iwishmydadhadinstagram

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10. The Quiett

The rapper looks like he was quite the deep thinker as a kid.

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#QDAY ??

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11. Simon Dominic

Simon D. was without a doubt a swaggy baby!

Hey Soompiers, which artist’s baby picture do you think is the cutest? Let us know in the comments below! 

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