K-Drama Moments That'll Resonate With Your Soul If You Have Pets

Pet owners unite! While pets come in all shapes, sizes, and species, there’s one commonality held by all, and it’s that their owners absolutely adore them no matter what. For all the times our pets walked us (instead of us walking them) and held us at the mercy of their feeding schedules – this list is for you.

When you’re trying to get work done:

But then your pet comes up and won’t leave you alone, so you just:


Get you someone who’ll look at you the way Yoo Seung Ho looks at his cat. 

When your pet gets more attention and love than you:

When your bed space gets redefined:

Repeat after me: my bed is their bed. As a human, I am now delegated to the floor, or if my pet so graciously allows, a corner of the bed.


And I am oddly okay with that.

You’re always reminding your pet what a good boy/girl he/she is:


Just look at that smile! Oh my goodness.

Telling your pet all about your day – and then some:


Spilling tea that only your pet can hear. 

Family pictures are never complete without your pet:

You share kiss scenes that simultaneously rival the ones you see in K-dramas.

They also give you a full on facial:


You can spend hours just staring at them:


And they never fail to bring a smile to your face:


Dressing your pet up in the cutest outfits ever!

Even if they aren’t too amused:

All the cuddles:


And if you unfortunately aren’t allowed to have animals as pets…

It’s time to get creative!

A pet is a pet no matter what it looks like/is! 

Bonus: if only these K-drama vets existed in real life…

Trips to the vet with your *very* unwilling pet would totally be worth it if your local vet was as swoony as these K-drama vets!

Plus, the rite of passage every pet owner goes through:

Swearing up and down that you won’t ever give them scraps from the table…


But then they give you those eyes:

And you end up caving and giving them half your plate!


Not even sure why I tried.

Hey Soompiers, what do you love most about your pets? What are your favorite pet moments in K-dramas? Let us know in the comments below!

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