WINNER Talks About How Much They Want To Be On Variety Shows

WINNER spoke about their wish to be on more variety shows.

Kang Seung Yoon said to High Cut, “I was on ‘Radio Star‘ as a special MC before, but I wish I’d done better, so I keep thinking about it. If I ever get to appear on it as a fixed member, I am confident that I would show parts of myself that I wasn’t able to show last time. I hope they ask for me back.”

Lee Seung Hoon was asked to choose three people that he wanted to receive love from, and he chose “the director of MBC, the director of SBS, and the director of KBS.” He reasoned, “I wish that they would help WINNER get on lots of shows to show off our charms.”

Kim Jin Woo said about being on “Wizard of Nowhere” as a fixed member, “Everyone is good to me like I’m their younger brother, but Kim Soo Ro is especially good to me. I can’t forget the taste of the ketchup spaghetti that he made for me.”

You can find their full pictorial and interview in the September issue of High Cut.

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