Solbi Swept Up In Controversy For Her Instagram Post About Busan Student Assault Incident

On September 4, singer Solbi used her personal Instagram as a platform to express her thoughts in regards to the Busan student assault incident.

Earlier on September 1, it was revealed that female middle school students “A” and “B” severely assaulted student “C” near a factory located in Sasang District, Busan. Though there was no threat to the victim’s life, many are expressing concern towards the unfortunate incident.

Likewise, Solbi voiced her concern in an Instagram post. She uploaded a drawing of the two students involved, along with her thoughts about the incident. However, some netizens began to heavily criticize Solbi for being “inappropriate” with her statement.

The post reads as follows:

“Society presently has too many cases of juvenile delinquency. In school violence, there is the victim, the assailant, and the bystander. I think we all have some degree of responsibility [for incidents like these]. For the sake of the students who have to become an assailant in order to not be a victim, it is important to address and control the issue of school violence. It should be well known that such crime is one of high-level.

I hope that through this student’s pain, there will be no others who have to experience the same pain. I wish her a speedy recovery.”

Some netizens agreed with Solbi, but others condemned her post. They commented, “To say that it’s everybody’s responsibility means that you didn’t think about the victim’s side,” and “So that means the perpetrators are victims of society, and it’s all of our fault? If the victim’s family saw this, how mad would they be.” They even accused Solbi of simply trying to attract attention by saying, “If you can’t understand the situation, then just stay still. You’re writing this kind of post in order to attract attention.”

Solbi has since deleted the post and issued a formal apology through another post on Instagram.

In the post, she said, “Contrary to my intent, my words have made many people uncomfortable. I apologize.”

She continued, “Probably as the same with everyone else, I was so surprised when I first read about the unfortunate incident. So that is why I emotionally posted what I thought, and it became a source of misunderstanding.”

Meanwhile, Solbi has been known to be vocal about societal problems in the past. She has been counseling people through the phone and social networking sites on World Suicide Prevention Day for six years. Even amidst antis disapproving of her, she has always wanted to contribute to society due to the love and encouragement she has been receiving from fans.

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