CLC’s Yeeun Opens Up About Her Hobbies, Celeb Crush, And More

CLC’s Yeeun recently sat down with news outlet MBN Star for a “Star Profiling from A to Z: Trifling Interview” session.

She started off the interview with basic questions, such as where she is from—Dongduchepn—and how many family members she has—her parents and one older sister—. Yeeun then talked about what she likes to do on an off-day. She said, “I watch cartoons at home. I also go to the company to get lessons, or meet up with my favorite people to talk or eat.”

When asked what her hobbies are at the moment, the idol replied, “Cooking, watching Japanese dramas, movies, variety shows, and doing what I like.” She also revealed a physical trait that no one knows about her, saying, “I have another bone in my foot!”

Yeeun picked teleporting as her desired superpower, and named Denmark, Japan, and England as countries she wants to visit. Additionally, she expressed her love for Nicki Minaj, naming her as a celebrity crush.

As for more music-related questions, Yeeun shared that some of her current favorite songs include Park Won’s “All of My Life,” and “Merry-Go-Round” by Joe Hisashi from the film “Howl’s Moving Castle.” Her to-go song at karaoke is Kwon Jin Ah’s “The End,” and one of the most memorable moments in her life was when she sang and rapped Yoon Mi Rae’s “Black Happiness” as a trainee.

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