f(x) Reminisces And Thanks Fans For Their Support On 8th Debut Anniversary

September 5 marks the day f(x) appeared in the Korean music scene, and 2017 marks their eighth year together since debuting in 2009.

Members Amber, Luna, and Krystal reunited on this special day, and held a short live broadcast through Amber’s Instagram account to personally interact and thank their fans.

After briefly going over their recent solo activities, such as Krystal’s drama “Bride of the Water God,” and Luna’s musical, they joked with each other as they read out comments from people all around the world. In addition to MeUs, Amber’s sister Jackie, her friend Stephanie, f(x)’s manager Ho Jun, and even Beenzino tuned in to the special broadcast.

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At the very end, Amber spoke for the group and said, “It’s been a while since we met up, so we’re just going to talk and chill for a bit. Thank you for always supporting us, being there for us, and patiently waiting.”

Luna and Amber also made separate posts on their Instagram accounts in honor of their eighth anniversary.

Cleverly making a reference to her role in the musical “Rebecca,” Luna wrote, “Already eight years… Let’s set fire to tonight! ‘Manderley in Flames,’ go go!”

Amber posted a long message in both Korean and English, and thanked her members for being there as well as their fans. With this, she also shared a few nostalgic old photos.

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사진을 정리하다가 많은 보물들을 찾았어요^^ 제가 말을 못 했을때 말 할 수 있게 도와줬고, 제가 겁먹고 자신감 없어졌을때 힘이 돼줬고, 저한테 포기하지말라고 계속하라고 했고, 제가 외로울때 뜬끔 없는 제 전화 받고, 제 재미 없는 장난까지도 받아주고ㅋㅋ.. 9년동안 같이 웃고 울고 다투고….너무나 소중한 추억들인데 앞으로도 더 많이 만들어야죠! 우리 멤버들 항상 고마워 사랑해! 에프엑스는 벌써 8살인데 항상 우리 미유한테 감사드려요!!! 미유분들 없었으면 에프엑스도 없었을거에요! 아직도 우리 미유의 응원소리가 어제인것같이 잘 들리네요. 계속 열심히 하겠습니다^^ 사랑해요 감사해요! Found a lot of good memories going through old photos^^ When I didn’t know how to say anything, they helped me, when I was scared and discouraged they told me not to stop and to never give up, when I was lonely they would pick up my random phone calls, and they even laughed at my stupid dad jokes haha… its been a crazy but amazing 9 years with them, laughing together, crying together, and even arguing with one another… and I hope to make more special memories with these crazy girls �de42 Thank you to my members, always! Love you guys! f(x) is 8 years old!! Just want to thank all you MeUs out there. If theres no MeU, theres no f(x)! I can still hear all those crazy fan chants like it was yesterday. Thank you guys for everything and we going to keep working hard! Love you guys, THANK YOU!

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Congratulations to f(x) and MeUs!

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