5 Times IU Was Too Pure For This World

IU just made her comeback!

On stage, she’s known for slaying with her vocals. Off stage? She’s too pure for this cruel world. Here’s a list of four moments of IU that’ll (hopefully) warm your heart and bring some light into your life!

IU and her slime

She makes the cutest little shapes ever! Plus, the videos are so satisfying to watch.

Bunny IU

Oh my goodness! How adorable can she get? Her little dance when she was singing “Good Day” was just so cute!

IU and her dad jokes

It’s hard to get angry at IU even with her bad jokes!

Waking up IU

She’s flawless even when she’s waking up in the morning.

IU and Corinne Bailey Rae

It’s no secret that IU is a mega fan of Corinne Bailey Rae. Not only is she a huge fan, but IU is also a successful fan – a term meaning that she was able to interact with the celebrity she really admires. How lucky!

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