Cosmic Girls’s Bona And Chae Seo Jin Immerse Themselves In 1970s School Life For “Girls’ Generation 1979”

Ahead of its upcoming premiere, KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Girls’ Generation 1979” released stills from filming on set.

Unlike the recently released poster, the new stills focus heavily on the two lead actresses in their school settings. Cosmic Girls’s Bona plays the lead, Lee Jung Hee, while Chae Seo Jin plays her friend Jung Hye Joo.

The vintage school uniforms reflect the 1970s setting of the drama, with green acrylic name tags, sailor collars, and school badges. However, both girls look serious and even cold, suggesting that they may be facing trouble at school. In Chae Seo Jin’s case, she is surrounded by a crowd of young men that she studiously ignores.

In a more lighthearted still, Chae Seo Jin is photographed in a ’70s dress, looking like she is waiting for someone on her doorstep.

“Girls’ Generation 1979” tells the story of three high school girls in their youth and airs its first episode on September 11.

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