BESTie's Uji And Dahye Write Letters To Fans After Departure From Group

After announcing that they had terminated their contracts with their agency and would be leaving BESTie, Uji and Dahye reached out personally to their fans.

On September 5, the girls wrote letters that they uploaded on their personal social media accounts.

Uji wrote, “To BESTiny [fanclub name]. You were really surprised right…? We wanted to share good news with our long-suffering BESTinies who waited so long, but I’m sorry that we were unable to do that. You must have been very disappointed and surprised but I felt emotional seeing that there were a lot of fans that cheered us on anyway. Looking at it closely, I know well how long you waited so my heart hurts even more… I thought that we would have to properly repay the love we’ve received… Now I am in the fans’ debt because I was unable to repay it at the end. Normally I don’t have a lot of confidence and have a lot of fear, but thanks to the fans who looked up to me I was able to see that I was a person worthy of receiving love. I have been happy many times thanks to my fans and received healing from them.”

She continued, “To live up to my fans’ expectations and become a great singer was my motivation. I started this work because I liked it, but there were lots of performances where I was in a slump and I hated myself for not being able to do well. But even then our fans were so dependable, monitoring us closely and cheering us on and being sad when I was sad. I’ve always thought I needed to express these thoughts to BESTiny but that it happened on this occasion is very sad… I don’t know what side of myself I will be able to show fans in the future, but I will gain strength from your support and work hard. Thank you for making good memories with me for the past 4 years. Thank you for cheering for me until the end. Thank you for taking my side even when I was lacking. Once again, I’m sorry, thank you, I love you.”

Dahye wrote, “To BESTiny… Hello, this is Dahye. To start, I’m sorry for surprising you with bad news… Today was a chaotic day because I didn’t expect the news to break at this time either. I wanted to prepare in advance and share my side of the story with the fans, who would be surprised, but I wasn’t even able to do that, so I’m very sorry. Right now all the BESTinies will be sleeping right? Dreaming of a new tomorrow. For now on, I’m dreaming of a little different tomorrow. The dream I’ve had until now was of a future with my members and fans… But now that that can’t be, I feel disappointed… And my heart hurts… Our fans must have been tired of waiting and I made it even harder for them so I feel responsibility. Honestly, I worried that they might resent me. Whether they might not hate me… But now that I think about it, when did our fans ever do that.”

She continued, “In the past, I would always wonder what I would say to give strength to the fans after meeting them for the first time in a while. I kept thinking and was unable to say anything and eventually turned back. While doing that, I would read the letters you sent me and tear up a lot. In the letters, they would go beyond understanding my state of mind and they were full of warm words that comforted and cheered me. They smiled at me, worrying needlessly. I think this is like that now. When I see the fans who understand and support me, I think that I am a happy person who has received a lot of good luck. It’s amazing to think how you all understand me with a look, no matter the situation or location. Is this the power of the mind? I will treasure the memories that I spent together with BESTie and work harder in the future. Thank you for continuing to cheer me, Dahye, on. I will return with a better side of myself. Please wait for me!”

Good luck to both girls in the future!

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