Watch: Wanna One Talks About Struggles Of “Burn It Up” Filming In MV Commentary

On September 6, a commentary video was uploaded for Wanna One’s “Burn It Up” music video.

In the clip, the members talk about their favorite parts of the song and music video and also tell behind stories from the filming.Kim Jae Hwan shares his favorite part of the song, which Kang Daniel describes as “watering the pine trees.” As Kim Jae Hwan “waters” them, the “trees” waver and fall over.A memorable time from the music video filming is when they had to look up into the sky under intense rain. Water didn’t have to be poured as it was raining for real, and the members all had a lot of trouble keeping their eyes open. Yoon Ji Sung describes it as, “It felt like rocks were falling from the sky.” The members also add how they were constantly in about a liter of water. Yoon Ji Sung reveals that it felt like wearing water on their feet rather than shoes, and his insoles swelled up so much that his shoes became like ballet toe shoes. When Hwang Min Hyun comes over and is asked what was difficult during the music video shoot, he first responds jokingly, “There were difficult parts? I thought it was so joyful and happy,” causing disbelief from the other members. He then comments that he doesn’t think he has ever experienced so much rain in his life. Ha Sung Woon and Park Ji Hoon both agree on the struggles of getting rain in their eyes while wearing contact lenses. 

Check out the full commentary below!