2PM’s Junho Sends Coffee Truck To “Chief Kim” Bromance Partner Namgoong Min

It looks like the bromance is still going strong!

2PM’s Junho supported his former “Chief Kim” co-star Namgoong Min by sending a coffee truck to the set of his latest drama “Distorted.”

On September 6, Namgoong Min shared a proof shot alongside the caption, “#Thank you, Mukso. #Eat this waffle, Junho. #Ah~ #I love.”

Mukso, which is short for “eating sociopath,” was the nickname of Junho’s character in “Chief Kim.” The photo shows Namgoong Min holding up a waffle to a picture of Junho, and the banner on the coffee truck reads, “Min, good luck with the rest of filming, and hwaiting to the staff!”

#우리먹쏘고마워 #준호야와풀먹어 #아~ #알랍?

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Meanwhile, you can revisit some of this bromance between Junho and Namgoong Min by watching the drama “Chief Kim” at the link below!

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