Seolhyun Praised For Her Passion For Acting By Film Director

Director Won Shin Yeon praised AOA’s Seolhyun for her passion for acting during an interview about the film “Memoir of a Murderer.”

Won Shin Yeon said with a smile, “Seolhyun is an actress who exhausts the director. I was happy with the cut, and the recording could’ve been over in 20 minutes, but Seolhyun did it for four hours. We would end it like that, and then two days later, she would call me saying she wanted to redo the scene.”

He continued, “Seolhyun has that much passion for acting. She is unhindered like that, and at this level, she is an amazing actress. I adore this [her passion for acting].”

The production crew also released new stills of Seolhyun for the movie. She plays the role of Eunhee, who is the daughter of Byungsoo, a retired murderer with Alzheimer’s Disease.

“Memoir of a Murderer” is a thriller based on a novel by Kim Young Ha. It is about an individual with Alzheimer’s Disease, who regains murderous tendencies upon meeting another murderer. The movie hit theaters on September 6.

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