“Hospital Ship” Dominates Viewership Ratings Of Dramas In Its Time Slot

“Hospital Ship” was the only Wednesday-Thursday drama to achieve a double-digit viewership rating.

According to Nielsen Korea on September 8, the September 7 episodes of MBC’s “Hospital Ship” recorded 11.3 percent and 13.0 percent. This is up from 10.3 percent and 11.8 percent of the previous episodes aired on September 6.

SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama in the same time slot, “Into the New World,” recorded 5.7 percent and 6.4 percent, while KBS’s “Manhole” stayed at last place with a disappointing 1.8 percent, down from the 2.2 percent rating of the previous episode.

“Hospital Ship” tells the story of doctors who practice medicine on a resource-limited island. While communicating with the people on the island, they turn into doctors who practice with their hearts.

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